Letter Writing Day

December 7th

Letter writing has taken its fair share of losses over the last 100 years, first telephones, then the internet, email and eventually the smartphone. These are all technological nails in letter writing’s envelope-shaped coffin. However, there is one day a year, when we can celebrate the almost lost art of letter writing.

Letter Writing Day

You wouldn’t need an incredibly powerful time machine to go back to an era where the handwritten letter was a staple in people’s daily lives. The busiest or most popular individuals would have to designate a chunk of their day to sit down and put pen to paper. Not only is communication these days much faster, but it’s also way more convenient. Though it must be said, it does lack a certain romance.

The History of Letter Writing Day

The history of National Letter Writing Day is a bit of a mystery. There are letter writing weeks and events that happen all year round, so the reason that National Letter Writing Day fell upon the 7th of December is not fully known. Some say it could be due to schools practising their letter writing skills before the Christmas holidays. Perhaps even that stamp collectors invented the day to give them an excuse to gather more precious stamps. Either way, Letter Writing Day is here to stay, so let’s whip out a pen (or a quill and ink if you are feeling extra retro) and celebrate.

What Can You Do On Letter Writing Day?

How can you celebrate National Letter Writing Day? Let’s start with the obvious; you should write a letter! Think about who you could send this letter to, perhaps a friend or a loved one, maybe even a stranger. Although writing letters isn’t as quick and convenient as modern communication, there is a certain charm about receiving a handwritten letter or note from someone. It’s personal and the time put in makes it all the more special. This is why writing a letter to a special someone is a brilliant romantic gesture and will make them feel amazing. In the letter, you could detail some of your favourite moments together, how you first met or what you hope to do and see with them in the future.

If you want to make letter writing a little more exciting, you could write a letter to a stranger. Include some interesting things about yourself, your world-view or maybe even a funny story. Leave the letter to be found on a bench, bus, or a train platform and address it to “Whoever finds this letter”. Just remember to use your common sense and don’t put too much personal information in your letter, as you never know who might find it!

Finally, you could write a letter to yourself. Your future self, that is. Write down how your life is at the moment, your routines, goals, loves and hates and leave it in an envelope addressed to yourself, somewhere in your house. When you find the letter, maybe five or ten years in the future, it will be amusing to see how you have changed and grown as a person.

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Letter Writing Day - December...

Letter Writing Day - December 7.

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Happy Letter Writing Day! December 7.

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